Is this Fantasy Football?


This game is very different. You can own players and teams. You can have a large stake in a stock, or just buy a few shares; in fact, you can bet against players and teams by shorting them. In addition, the game continues throughout the postseason.

You can own stock in as many players as you like, of any position and of any caliber, and if you're waiting for the price to drop, you don't have to buy them now. You can place a limit order to execute when the price gets to where you want it. Investment strategies vary widely even among the Bosses.

And since the game is free, there are no real-world costs for trades, reports, and the like.

Can I have more than one account?

No. Multiple accounts are not allowed. The Bosses have been gracious enough to open the MLM to the public, but they're not that gracious. Traders who register multiple accounts will have their accounts deleted. The Bosses don't want any funny business.

Of course, if you have an account on the baseball floor, it doesn't count against your limit for the football floor, and vice versa.

Where do I read about the stocks' delist values?

The delist value is the cash value paid for a stock at the end of the season. They're covered in the advanced features section of the rules. You can read the rules as a guest by taking Mickey's tour. To be brief, a player is ultimately evaluated by his points scored and yard gained.
The advanced features section will give you the exact payoffs for these stats.

Teams never delist. They pay a cash dividend each time the team wins a game. The dividends are paid for regular season and post-season games, but not for pre-season games. Since analysis of a game is usually much more complex than simply deciding who will win, dividends get paid based on the final point difference. The winning team pays a dividend on its stock of $4 for each point scored above the opponent. If Green Bay beats Dallas 21-10, all Green Bay stockholders get a $44 dividend.

Team defense stocks are issued for those who want to invest in a team's defensive squad as a bloc. The defense earns money for each sack, tackle, and interception throughout the season. Team stocks delist just like single player stocks.

A player stock will delist at the end of the year (including post-season) for a total based on their stat production. Each point scored by the player is worth $1 and each yard gained by the player is worth $.02.

What exactly causes the stock prices to fluctuate?

The stock prices will fluctuate solely due to demand. Remember, stocks will delist at the end of the season, but until the day of delist, the stock price is only based on how many people are buying and selling the stock. If Bret Farve is on pace to throw 32 touchdowns, his projected delist will be very high, but if for some reason (naggin injury, maybe), nobody is buying his stock, the stock will remain low. It'll be a bargain, and market forces should eventually drive that stock up.

Do stocks stay active during the post season?

Yes. A player's stock will jump in value if he is on a team that is likely to make the playoffs. He'll be able to keep adding up stats during the playoffs and thus increasing the delist value of his stock. Teams earn much higher dividends for playoff wins, so if a team is in the running for the playoffs, its stocks will increase as well.

Am I required to hold a certain roster in my portfolio?

No. You can invest in whatever you like, manage your portfolio however you think is best. You can invest all your money in AFC runningbacks and Green Bay Packers team stock. You can stick to commodities or you can diversify if you think you are savvy enough to stay on top of everything. In fact, you don't have to own stock in any players if you feel that team stocks are the better bargain. If you believe that defense wins games, and you know your defense squads, you can also by team defense stocks.

Do defensive stats count?

Defense stats do not count toward a player stock's value. The best defense is a good offense. The stocks are valued only by stats that are produced, not stats that represent "missed opportunities" so to speak. Everytime a player scores a point, the team pays him a certain amount of money. The more points he scores, the more money he makes, and the higher his stock will rise (if the traders are following closely).

What this means is that many players who are considered to be the best in the league may not have stock prices that reflect their status. That's just part of the market. Like a fantasy league, it's still profitable for an NFL fan to unders#660066d the players' stats and skills.

However, it's important to remember that defensive stats do count toward team defense stocks only.

Can I sign up after the season has started?

Absolutely. Stocks are up for sale all the time. Monthly prizes are given to players with the best percentage growth in their portfolio, so everyone has the same chance at winning regardless of their previous profits or losses. The grand prize at the season's end is given to the player whose portfolio shows the greatest percentage gain in net worth since the start of the season.

So it's perfectly fine to start in mid season, or even during the playoffs. If you post the strongest gain for that month, you will win!

Are the Bosses for real?

Ok. We'll break form for a second here. The Bosses are a construction to give the game some flavor. There is no danger to you. You don't owe anybody two million dollars. You are not participating in anything even remotely resembling illegal racketeering. The Bosses are all in fun, but don't tell them we said that.

What's with the advanced order form?

Some of the trade functions in this game are fairly advanced. If you're not familiar with the operations of a full-fledged stock exchange, they may look overwhelming at first. However, the advanced rules clearly spell out all the features, and the advanced order form is there for those who are interested in maximizing the potential of the game.

Is there a stock for every NFL player?

Stocks have only been issued for the top hundred players or so. Of course, there's also teams, defensive stocks, and commodities. In addition, no season ever finishes without initial public offerings (IPOs) of various other players, depending on who performs well or becomes popular. Keep your eyes peeled for IPO's, they can provide big profit margins.

Are there any costs whatsoever?

None. Absolutely none. There is no cost to you to play the game. We support the growing industry of truly interactive multiplayer internet gaming, and we want to make it available to everyone. Because let's face it, when more people play, the game is more fun. The game will always be free, as it should be.

What are my computer system requirements?

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Why doesn't my login work?

There are two common reasons for this. Either you have forgotten to remember the case sensitivity of your login, or that account has been deleted because you are operating multiple accounts. If neither of these apply to you, you should notify us from the contact page.

Can I create my own group of players to compete against?

Yes. You can form your own Investment Bank.