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The first games of the official '98 season will take place on Sunday, September 6. The NFL has really cranked up the hype with the new label "Kickoff Weekend". Has this new label made you any more excited than you were last year? Will you be willing to pay for that NFL satellite tv package now that the first weekend is called "Kickoff Weekend"?

One has to wonder, what happens after Kickoff Weekend? If the marketing guys over there were really smart, each weekend would have a new theme. Kickoff Weekend would be followed by Football Rules! Weekend, and Football Rules! Weekend would be followed by Cheerleader Heaven Weekend, and so on.

Of course, hype is a double edged sword, especially here on the market. The MLM Football Floor message board is the source for lots of speculation, unsubstantiated rumour, and of course, hype. There's two approaches one can take. Ride the hype or ignore the hype. Both are risky.

Can you really afford to ignore the hype if the Tampa Bay stock goes through the roof? Even if it gets to be clearly overvalued? Some traders make a lot of money on this market, and they only trade according to trends. I've personally met traders who don't even know the dividends and delist rules. But that's not a whole lot different than the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ where stocks can go sky high on nothing BUT hype. Remember Netscape? What about Yahoo!? Some of these stocks out there have jumped 300% the companies are still posting negative earnings per share.

I don't want to focus on the Baseball Floor, because the Football Floor is a whole different market entirely, but traders are all the same. This recent Football Floor message board posting (which discusses a Baseball Floor stock that has skyrocketed) illustrates my point:

"Also, you must understand, those of you who say the YANKS are not worth the money are confusing this game with the reality of wins and losses. I have made millions in the YANKS in the baseball game. If I find another YANKS here, you better believe I will ride that train. " A frank and utter admission of being a "hype" trader, and he's obviously done well if he's made millions. You can be sure he's not alone.

In the news, a recent Yahoo! message board posting is blamed for a 20% drop in one company's stock. As some of you already know, this happens all the time in MLM. For instance, this recent message on MLM:

"OK, here is the deal... One of the lowest priced franchises out there is the Chicago Bears. The goal is to buy low and sell high right..? even if Chicago starts their season off like they have played the last couple of years, they are due.. Even though they are without franchise names, as soon as Chicago wins its first game, smart investors will jump aboard to ride the tide. Chicago stock cannot get much lower than it is. Make the move and invest in Da Bears... "

Now, I'm not trying to validate the opinion of the person who wrote that message. I'm just pointing out clear examples of hype-machines at work right here on MLM. A lot of folks on the message board are touting the Bears, don't be surprised if the worst team in the NFL shows some stock gains. That's market psychology in action. And that's what makes trading on the Football Floor so much more than just a simple analysis of players and teams.You gotta know those, too, but you also need to have a good feel for the market. Those guys at the top of the leader board already know that Green Bay is in the toughest division, that Neil O'Donnel has wrested the starting job from Blake, that Corey Dillon is a monster and San Diego won't go anywhere even with Ryan Leaf. They already know that. How did they get to the top with the same knowledge as everyone else?

They played the market.

Next week, Marty makes a guest appearance to tell you why the conservative strategy is the best.


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